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Private Wealth Shield Settlement
Knowledge Platform

Dynamic multidisciplinary out-of-the-box approach to accelerate your life on both an individual and professional level. To accomplish our goal, we teach several mantra’s:

Wealth Preservation
Trade & Entrepreneurship

Mainstream truth?

Can you handle the truth?

Global mainstream media simply does not provide you with the right information to make informed choices for your personal and professional life. Not one consultant will tell you what we tell you.

Our renowned experts, top open-source analysts and experienced consultants will help you prepare for the global paradigm shift and the devastating effects of the bankrupt, debt-based global economy. This requires a different way of thinking and acting, both at home and at work and within your organization.

We bring you the first and only Cestui Que Vie LLC Knowledge Platform for Private Wealth Shield Settlement with knowledge and expertise in autonomous living: #birthtrust, #food, #energy, #wealth preservation, #barter ability, #trade, #security and #community.

We realize that becoming autonomous is a difficult process for many to understand. Not least because the transition from old structures to new structures requires a different way of thinking and acting. At home

Do you dare to take responsibility for your own life?

Become a member and we will provide you with a clear insight into the following 3 main themes.


Clear the decks

Get rid of (complete) anything optional that could be a distraction during The Great Storm of 2020


Educate yourself

Plug into non-MSM sources, be engaged on social media, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Build a solid network

Human capital – financial capital in this change, who you know (and love and are loved by) beats cash in bank.

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