the unexpected

Yes, you can learn how to prepare yourself, your company or your family. Scrol down for more information.

1: Learn to take care of yourself

Get your own personal affairs in order

You can’t be sorting out other people’s problems if your own are a distraction. Clear the decks of anything optional or troublesome. Ensure you have your wealth preserved in a proper way, outside the current broke fiat system. Ensure your own food, water, energy and safety.

2: Set your intentions

Set your moral compass now

Those who thrive next will have different values to those who propered before it. Be very clear with yourself what you and your organisation truly stand for and what isn’t changing and in non-negotiable.

3: Learn to research

Expand your information sources

The mass media has become compromised by decades of infiltration and corruption. They are complicit in serious crime, if only via a conspiracy of silence, and cannot tell you the whole story. You need to look to alternative sources of journalism and analysis for an accurate picture.

4: Identify and connect with key figures

Build your human network

Consider creating a temporary and informal organisation to track and make sense of these changes. Use a “who knows, who cares, who can” model to draw in those sufficiently informed, motivated and resourced to act voluntarily and on their own initiative.


Our goal is to help you to navigate through The Storm with a plan of your own that you can trust.

5: Learn to expose strategically

Manage your exposure

Start to manage your risk of exposure to deep state aligned companies and sectors. Think about the most important business contracts you have and whether they are robust enough for this kind of outlier business event. Begin to plan contingencies for disruptions on both your supply and demand sides.

6: Redeem opportunities

Map the possible opportunities

This is going to be a one-off opportunity to acquire talent from tainted institutions, buy-up businesses at distressed prices, and occupy vacated market roles whose previous holders have been razed by the current storm and see how you can create passive income with a minimum of investment. Making good enough moves quickly is likely to beat waiting for perfect certainty. Start making your shopping list.

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