BOSS/TV #22 | (English) This video contains an outstanding analysis of the Great Awakening and: how you – as a professional and as an individual, can prepare for the global economic, social, financial and corporate trust apocalyps.

14 februari 2021 | The interview is in English and starts at 01.40. Intro in Dutch with subtitles. BOSS/MAKER’s Ronald Heister & the world’s top analyst Martin Geddes in an outstanding analysis of the Great Reset & Awakening and: how you – as...

BOSS/TV #15 | (English) The Future of Business with Martin Geddes

14 januari 2021 | We are at war and YOUR business strategy needs to reflect this. In this exclusive BOSS/MAKER video, the world’s top no1 open source analyst and co-founder of BOSS/MAKER Martin Geddes & Ronald Heister discuss the future of YOUR business in...
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