14 januari 2021 | We are at war and YOUR business strategy needs to reflect this. In this exclusive BOSS/MAKER video, the world’s top no1 open source analyst and co-founder of BOSS/MAKER Martin Geddes & Ronald Heister discuss the future of YOUR business in what we can call ‘The Great Awakening for Business’.

BOSS/MAKER is 1 to 2 year ahead of mainstream media in our analysis en has proven to be most accurate.
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​In this exclusive Bossmaker video, Martin Geddes & Ronald Heister discuss what we can call ‘The Great Awakening for Business’. We are at war and your business strategy needs to reflect this.

👉 Great Awakening for Business Both Martin and Ronald are well known and experienced global business strategists who give context and perspective for “awake” leaders in this era of extreme outlier events like the American elections, Covid19, the 17 UN ‘Sustainable’ goals, the World Economic Forum Strategic Intelligence Plan. 👉 Geopolitical situation analysis In this video we discuss the present situation analysis: good & evil, events in Europe and USA, different paradigm, we are at war, will USA be liberator (again) and the 3 Gorges Dam.

👉Challenges for businesses and entrepreneurs In this video, we discuss several important topics:
1. Different future of your business;
2. Supply chain changes:
3. Politically divided workforce;
4. Appropriate workplace behavior;
5. Force majeure clauses do not cover a pandemic;
6. Insurance coverage needs review;
7. Contractual client disputes;
8. Exposure and reputational damage;
9. MSM collapse;
10. Workforce safety;
11. Existential threat for certain businesses: ‘Sustainability’ in a collapsing system;
12. Supply chain risks: relocalising production;
13. Globalism reversal

👉 BOSS/MAKER service offer
Bossmaker is a boutique media and analysis company aiming to assist individuals, corporate or civic leaders and/or professionals working for a company by giving you proper insight on global economic, social and financial changes that currently take place on a global scale.
To get things going, we are offering three commercial services:
1. A paid bi-weekly newsletter, that Martin contributes to with alternating editorial and interesting resources/data.
2. An online BOSS/Community discussion forum, for mutual self-support of entrepreneurs and managers, with us as moderators.
3. Consultations as a one hour advisory discussion done remotely with Martin or Ronald or one of our consultants:
Learn more: https://bossmaker.nl/services/bosscon…

To learn a little more about our offer, just watch the membership page on our website where we touch on the nature of the challenge. We believe it will give you food for thought regardless of whether we do business together. The emphasis is on helping you to discreetly explore a different paradigm to the present media consensus, without being forced to commit to anything. If you feel like joining Bossmaker, please do so by surfing to https://bossmaker.nl/membership/
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More on the Great Awakening for business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK4Yu…


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