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We are working to launch Bossmaker as a commercial offer. One that helps you to build your plan to thrive through this Great Awakening by aligning the inner and outer worlds. Rather than being trapped in a service to self vs service to others dilemma, you can be of service to all.

Our goal is to help you to navigate through The Storm with a plan of your own that you can trust. A plan that aligns the inner journey of growth with external success – rather than that success being sabotaged by feelings of guilt and unworthiness.


Martin Geddes is wide considered one of the world’s top strategy analysts of the Great Awakening. His newsletter audience has quadroupled in a year, his twitter following gone from 7.000 to over 70.000, Geddes wrote articles about the Great Awakening that reached more than a quarter of a million hits – along with a 100+ other articles on this unprecedented paradigm shift. Martin studied Mathemetics and Computer Science at Oxford University and is an author, writer, speaker, telecom expert and Advisory Board consultant. As Bossmaker, Martin Geddes helps senior executives to make sense of what is happening and anticipate what is comming.


Ronald Heister is a global Marketing & Public Relations Strategist, author and public speaker. His search for the truth made him follow the Great Awakening for years. Ronald is the world’s first marketeer to help business owners and civilians to strive and thrive through the unprecedented paradigm shift. Ronald studied Marketing & PR, started his career working as a journalist and presenter for public radio & television, then became a Director of Communications for national and EU governmental institutions and is at present an Advisory Board consultant for international CEO’s, top notch firms and SME’s. His goal is to mold opinion and map opportunities so that you can trust your plan for yourself, your family and your business.

What’s this really about?

We can be reasonably certain that the following will experience major impacts for everyone

Monetary sytem

The collapse of our current monetary system as we know it


Charities that are nothing of the kind, being cover for illegal activities

The media

Media industry, which faces cataclysmic loss of trust by the public as its past misdeeds and methods gets exposed


Political foundations that are used to launder bribes and payoffs

Mass espionage

Telecoms and IT, which is the foundation for a great deal of espionage

Modern slavery

Multi-national corporations who are using slave labour of have operations in certain politically risky countries


NGO’s that have a covert purpose

Financial industry

Financial industry players, with many banks having large fraud liabilities


Energy, as a great deal of corruption is tied to oil and gas extreaction and commodity trading as well as the push for renawables driven by illegitimate concerns

Daunting Every Sector

Confronting something of this magnitude in our own lifetimes can seem rather daunting. The MBA strategy books focus mainly on the positive creation of value in the legitimate economy. Where we touch on fraud and crime it comes clearly boundaried in topics like ‘revenu assurance” and ‘business continuity planning”.

The collapse of a longstanding massive network of organized crime that intersects with every sector isn’t something we have a precedent for. There isn’t a chapter for this kind of scenario in our textbooks. We just know that the November 2020 election cycle is a forcing function: the ‘swamp’ needs to be exposed before then – so that the public is clamouring for total drainage.

The great restoration

What is going to happen in late 2019 and in early 2020 is that multiple connected scandals are all going to break in fast succession. They wil involve crimes against humanity and horrors we had hoped ended with the Nazi’s, Chairman Mao or Pol Pot. A recurring theme from insider leaks is that the trials are going to be televised as a kind of ‘Nuremberg 2.0’

This is about fixing the framework in which politics happens.
This is however not about politics. It is not about politicians.
This is about a restoration of our civil rights.


Our goal is to help you to navigate through The Storm with a plan of your own that you can trust. 


Our goal is to help you to navigate through The Storm with a plan of your own that you can trust. 


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