Navigate the Reset

BOSS/MAKER has been ahead of the game on many fronts. We anticipated events 1 to 2 years before the mainstream has. As business strategists, we know how important it is to always look ahead and to anticipate. 

BOSS/MAKER gives you a huge advantage with information that no high-end consultant will be able to provide you. Let us help you by aligning the inner and outer worlds. Rather than being trapped in a service to self vs service to others dilemma, you can be of service to all.

Our goal is to help you to navigate through the Great Awakening paradigm shift and biggest economic and social reset the world has ever seen. Let’s co-create YOUR plan that aligns the inner journey of growth with external success – rather than that success being sabotaged by feelings of guilt and unworthiness.


Martin Geddes is wide considered one of the world’s top open source analysts. Martin writes and publishes articles, essays and even a book that reached more than a quarter of a million hits – along with 100+ other articles on the current unprecedented global paradigm shift.
Martin studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Oxford University and is an author, writer, speaker, telecom expert and Advisory Board consultant. As BOSS/MAKER, Martin Geddes helps senior executives to make sense of what is happening and anticipate what is coming.


Ronald of the House of Heister is Private. He is the Sole Per Stirpes Heir to his CQV LLC Birth Trust Inheritance. Ronald is a direct descendant of Sigbert Graf Heister, Austria’s Imperial Field Marshall. Ronald has a global career as a Marketing & PR advisor and is the world’s first marketeer to help business owners to strive and thrive through the unprecedented paradigm shift living autonomous as a Living Man of flesh, blood and spirit.
Ronald studied law, started his career working as a journalist and presenter for public radio & television, then became a Director of Communications for national and EU governmental institutions and an Advisory Board consultant for international CEO’s.

Mainstream truth?

Can you handle the truth?

Global mainstream media simply do not provide you with the right information to make educated choices for your own life and your professional life.

We at BOSS/MAKER offer you what you need, to see the bigger picture: access to the enormous open source intelligence; information compiled by an international army of online soldiers and the analysis of one of the best open source intelligence strategists in the world. 

Our BOSS/MAKER Members receive The BOSS/MAKER Times Newsletter filled with information. BOSS/MAKER members also are part of the BOSS/MAKER Community, an e-mail newsgroup to share experiences with likeminded BOSS/MAKER Members in both the United States an in Europe. Our BOSS/MAKER Consult is strategic 1on1 advice enabling you to make the right choices: personally, professionally and as a citizen. 

BOSS/MAKER helps you to strive and even thrive through the Great Awakening paradigm shift during the biggest economic and social reset the world has ever seen.  

Become a BOSS/MAKER member and we will provide you with proper insights on the following 3 main topics:


Clear the decks

Get rid of (complete) anything optional that could be a distraction during The Great Storm of 2020


Educate yourself

Plug into non-MSM sources, be engaged on social media, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Build a solid network

Human capital – financial capital in this change, who you know (and love and are loved by) beats cash in bank.


Our goal is to help you to navigate through The Storm with a plan of your own that you can trust. 

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